Main info in English

Who we are

"Wiara i Tęcza"
- “Faith and Rainbow”  

Group of Polish LGBTQ Christians

Changing awareness inside the Church, we help to increase the level of tolerance, and then - acceptance in all society, and to increase the level of kindness among people.

We are a group of Polish LGBTQ Christians, and their families and friends

Most of us are of Roman Catholic denomination, but we are widely open for other Christian denominations - in ecumenic spirit.
We also invite people who are searching their faith, who are agnostic or atheists - for common presence and dialogue.

We consider same-sex or transgender relationships based on love, as good.
They should be accepted in each society and in each Church.

Our aims

  • Giving Polish LGBTQ Christians friendly environment, where they can feel entirely accepted, including their sexuality, and where they can develop their faith and spiritual life.
  • Providing promotion and support same-sex and transgender relationships based on love, as a source of good for the partners and their broader environment.
  • Creation of our local groups in various locations in Poland.
  • Providing mail, phone, skype, facebook contact and aid in travelling to meeting places for those, who live too far from existing groups.
  • Invitation for friendly dialogue and common work for LGBTQ people, who don’t identify with Christian faith, also searching and atheists, who want to talk about their outlook on life, ethical problems, etc.
  • Supporting families and friends of LGBTQ people
  • Persuading  Christian Churches and Polish society towards full acceptance of LGBTQ people.
  • Cooperation with similar Polish and foreign organizations
  • Charity and education

Our declaration

We spread knowledge helping to accept being LGBTQ and belonging to the Christian Church as well, without a demand for giving up sexuality.

We are conscious, that our opinions connected with acceptation of same-sex and transgender relationships are different than current Roman Catholic, Orthodoxy, and many Protestant Churches teachings.

Throughout centuries many Christians were living in conflict between their conscience, and obedience to the Church’s teachings.
It was connected with many issues, for instance women’s rights, scientific discoveries of the time (Copernicus’ theory, evolution theory), autopsy prohibition, problem of the salvation outside the Church..
As we know, official opinions within these topics have changed.

Nowadays, the Church recommends a ”treatment” for LGBTQ people (meaning an attempt of reorientation), or living alone, and supports organizations working this way in Poland.
It’s contradictory to current scientific opinion, and to many people’s ethical sense.

We believe that the Church will change it’s view on this topic. Our task is to make this process faster, by persuading clergy and seculars.

We stay in the Church, because we believe Jezus, who set it up and left for us, as a special area of his lively presence.
In this Church he gives us, and through us - all people - his graces and bless.

This faith is the most important to us. We consider lack of full acceptance of current Church teachings, a secondary issue..

Some Christians’ attitude is - I don’t agree with part of the Church’s teachings, but I say nothing, and I remain a member.
Our attitude is different - I don’t agree - so I talk about it, I persuade to change , and I remain a member..

We are conscious  that seculars are called to work within our Church,  and we undertake support for our Sisters and Brothers.

Dear Priests - we will be grateful for prayer and each kind gesture. We know, that your official and active presence in our group can be especially difficult, because of your obedience oath.

We take into account the possibility of the Church’s critical reactions , nonetheless we will still do our work, stimulated by deep dictate of conscience.
LGBTQ Christian organisations in the world work in a similar way (for example Dignity or New Ways ministry).

We invite you to join common work.
Let’s consolidate each other, let’s make effort to accomplish our goals, let’s be open for all people’s needs.