The ways of love - international theological conference

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Together with our friends and the organizers, we invite you to the international theological conference

Group of Polisch LGBTQ Christians Wiara i Tęcza

The organizers' invitation:

Dear Friends, 

We are delighted to invite you to the international theological conference The Ways of Love: 

for Pastoral Care with homosexual and trans people which will take place on 3 October 2014 

in Rome. We especially welcome every person, organization, clergy and religious affiliated 

committed to the inclusion of the homosexual and transgender persons in the Christian 


The conference was conceived to help the extraordinary Synod of Catholic Bishops on Family 

starting from 4 October not to forget the homo and transgender individuals and families. 

The answers to the questionnaire spread throughout the Catholic dioceses have highlighted 

the need to expand the reflections made by several theologians starting from the 1980s’ and 

to rethink on a larger scale the involvement of the LGBT community successfully experienced 

in local churches. 

On the other hand, this need was implicitly recognized by the Synod Secretary-General who 

said “A lot of suffering, above all, of those who feel excluded or left aside by the Church 

because their lifestyle does not correspond to its doctrine and to its discipline” (The Roman 

Observer, 21 February 2014). 

The conference will offer ideas developed from the Catholic theological thinking and from the 

pastoral care of the other Christian churches. The conference will also include the 

testimonies of homosexual and transgender persons who still feel integral part of the People 

of God and live their faith with commitment. 

Panelists will be: Mgr Geoffrey Robinson, Australian emeritus Bishop; Sr Antonietta Potente, 

Italian-Bolivian theologian and Dominican nun; James Alison, British theologian; Ps Letizia 

Tomassone, President of the joint Baptist-Methodist-Waldensian Commission on Faith and 

Homosexuality; Mrs Joseanne Peregin, President of Christian Life Community in Malta and 

herself mother of gay child. 

There will be important testimonies of Italian homo and transgender people who feel as a 

core part of the People of God. They keep living their faith with commitment. A group of 

them have drafted an appeal for the Synod, which will be launched at the end of the 


We ask everyone, as individual or as group or association to express their public support to 

the conference by sending an e-mail to the official e-mail address of the Steering Committee 

The Steering Committee 

Michael Brinkschroeder (European Forum of LGBT Christian Groups, Netherlands) 

Michael Clifton (David et Jonathan, France) 

Francis De Bernardo (New Ways Ministry, United States) 

Marianne Duddy-Burke (DignityUSA, United States) 

Gianni Geraci (Il Guado, Italy) 

David Musonda (Dette Resource Foundation, Zambia) 

Innocenzo Pontillo (Progetto Gionata, Italy) 

Andrea Rubera (Nuova Proposta, Italy) 

Diane Xuereb (Drachma LGBT, Malta/Netherlands) 

You may find the detailed programme of the conference on the website: 

The conference is promoted by the European Forum of LGBT Christian Groups and is funded 

by the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.